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College Management Software System

User Manual Table of Contents

Welcome to Internet Student Services. This system will allow access many college administrative services. In order to make use of the new system easier the following pages list some of the functions that can be performed and describe how to best make use of the computer equipment you have available to access the system.

Please make sure to refer to the detailed pages for the type of equipment you are using. Some of the instructions will differ slightly depending on your setup. If you do not find the specific setup you have listed here try using the on-line help facilities to aid you.

This system is setup with specific permissions and access rights enabled for each user, please do not attempt to circumvent these restrictions by using someone else's account. In addition do not give your password to anyone else. Following the rules will allow everyone to make appropriate use of the system without the need to create further restrictions.

Please consult the University regulations for complete rules about use of campus computer facilities.

Getting Started

Form Layout

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List-of-Values Forms

Multi-Page Forms

Help Form

Hints and Tips

Quick Keys for MS Windows

Quick Keys for Web-Enabled Screens

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